PDIS ACHIEVEMENTS | Admission open for A.Y 2024-25 for Grades : Nursery to Grade 8

At PDIS they will get to know how !

We want to add that spark into what is taught, to bring the sparkle of knowledge to every student. We will
show them how to learn. Once they achieve this, learning becomes an amazing experience that students
will eagerly look forward to. They will feel motivated to learn more, ask more. And aim to do more.
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Learning is fun, even without a pen

learning at PDIS
Why should learning happen, only when the pen touches the page? PDIS makes learning fun in many ways.

  • 1. Activity based learning
  • 2. Group Discussions, seminars and presentations
  • 3. Dramas, Debates and Role plays
  • 4. Specially designed hobby classes along with vocational training
  • 5. Compulsory participation in sports

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